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Welcome to The Haven at Star Lake!

Whether you are looking for an exciting getaway for a large group or a quiet retreat for just a few, The Haven has the opportunities and expertise to meet your needs.

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Mission, Vision Statements

The Haven offers a unique Adirondack experience in which people of all ages can gather to enjoy the magnificence of God’s creation. Take a step back in time and delight in the simple pleasures of life with family and friends without the distractions.

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So who are we? We are ordinary people trying to fulfill God’s plan for us. We are a family who saw this beautiful property on Star Lake and shared a common vision to develop it as a fun, restful camp where we can serve children, families and community. We saw an opportunity to provide a Christ-centered experience where children and families will grow, learn, have fun and collect lifelong friends and memories that will help shape their lives. It is funny how we got here. As individuals we come from diverse backgrounds with different life experiences. Yet we believe God has brought us together at this time and place to meet the needs of others. 

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Latest News

01/03/13 (Watertown Daily News)-Houghton College is pleased to announce the pending sale of its Star Lake property in the Adirondack Park in Star Lake, NY. Read More...

02/07/13 Today we closed on the former Houghton College campus at Star Lake and it marks the beginning of our adventure we call  “The Haven at Star Lake”. Read More...

03/16/13  The Haven management team took a road trip to White Sulfur Springs, PA, a retreat and conference facility owned and operated by the Officers Christian Fellowship (OCF). Read More...

04/16/13 Whenever a property in the Adirondack Park changes usage, approval must be granted by the Adirondack Park Agency (APA) to ensure the new use fits within Park guidelines and restrictions. This can be a laborious process, lasting months, even years in some cases, requiring extensive documentation

05/17/13 We just concluded another hectic week of work at The Haven. Most of the effort was focused on Loon Lodge. After power washing the entire exterior of the building we began re-staining the walls and decks.

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Management Profiles

  • Thomas Buckingham- Executive and Finance Director
  • Maria Buckingham- Operations Director
  • Karen Kuhn-Business and Communications Director
  • Warren Kuhn-Facilities Director
  • Teresa von Riegen – Program Director 
  • William von Riegen – Director of our Outreach

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